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(Contact Lens Artificial Intelligence Research and Engineering) CLAIRE is the Nº1 platform in the market providing Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) virtual technical support, calculation, and ordering tools for specialty contact lenses management. CLAIRE’s platform will have different apps representing several contact lens brands. Our Artificial Intelligence-based APPs will help ECPs to minimize errors, increase their clinical portfolio and their patients' satisfaction as they don’t need to return often to the physician office for additional lens changes. Our differentiated apps offer virtual technical support, educational tips, video tutorials, and ordering tools to ECPs’ preferred providers, all through a user-friendly interface. If you want to know more about CLAIRE please visit our booth (#306) or book an appointment by sending an email to:

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Rua Rogério de Figueiroa Rego, Bairro do Bugio, Tapada do Mocho, Oeiras, Oeiras e São Julião da Barra, Paço de Arcos e Caxias, Oeiras, Lisbon, 2720-217, Portugal
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