Hot Topics

Hot Topics
Julie Colombino-Billingham of Rebuild Globally talks about the need for eye-care education.
Lyndsey Ferris, OD, FAAO, ACMO, discusses sports-related concussions.
Sherryl Reynolds, OD, FAAO discusses the new trends in STDs and STIs, as well as diversity in eye care.
Luis Carlos da Silva Vieira shares his efforts to establish an optometric training program to meet the dire need for quality eye care in Angola, Africa.
Jay Lytle, OD, FAAO Applying the SPIKES Method in Eye Care
David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO talks about low vision optics.
Agustin Gonzalez, OD, FAAO talks about the impact of diagnosing glaucoma and preventing blindness
Julie Tyler, OD, FAAO talks about the surge in STD and STI infection.
Bullimore MCOptom, PhD, FAAO breaks down the numbers on how myopia management can lower the risk of visual impairment.

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